Our Story

Bounde was born from a love of stationery and vintage, a love of beautiful details and a desire to delight. 

In truth, it started when I was 6 years old. My mother and her best friend opened their own shop. It was stocked with beautiful handmade and locally crafted wares.

I would spend the afternoons after school and some Saturday mornings in the shop with mum, my baby sister and our dear friends. I helped Mum stock the shelves, stamp the swingtags, sweep the floors and tidy up.  I would watch on in awe, as local artists popped in to show their latest screenprinted t-shirts, ceramics and handmade jewellery for selection in the store.

We children would play in the backroom or the tiny backyard of the old row of shops, swinging around the Hills Hoist and laughing as we lay back on the green grass. Some afternoons we would be treated to a $1 paper bag of lollies from the cornerstore next door. The generous shopkeepers gave us more lollies than our little tummies could comfortably eat. 

Those were golden days. Full of wonder and beauty and joy. The shop was it's own little world, within those four walls. And, when we turned the key in the old brass lock at the end of each day, I longed to return to the atmosphere of the shop.

I didn't know it then, but a seed had been planted, one that would take root and grow over the years. That dream of creating a world of beauty for others to step into and escape, that dream of having my own shop, has never wained. 

Bounde is that dream coming to life.

I want to take you with me, to share in the beauty, celebrate the wonder of beautiful details and embrace timeworn elegance.

And I want to stamp my own swing tags.

Welcome to Bounde.

                                          bounde founder'ssignature with red seal mark                                                                                      Founder of Bounde