About Us

Born from a love of stationery and old world nostalgia, Bounde is an Australian owned micro business with a focus on wax seals, beautiful stationery and stylish desk decor. 

In a fast paced world, Bounde offers a respite from the digital age. We value beauty, creativity, craftsmanship and thoughtful details. We savour the slow pace of creative analouge traditions: wax sealing, letter writing, journaling, sketching, calligraphy and painting. 

Founded in 2022, Bounde is the lifetime dream of owner Rebecca Kelly, come to life. A small, quiet space on the internet to share a love of everyday beauty, charming objects and delicate details. 

At Bounde we aim to bring you a selection of the most beautiful and thoughtful stationery and desk accessories for your home, office and events.  

You can learn more about Our Story here and read our Manifesto here