We’re for beauty.

We’re for quirky, we’re for wonderment and awe.  We’re for details, thoughtful details, the kind that make your heart jump a little when you see them. We're for maximalism.

We’re for sentiment and nostalgia. 

We’re for pondering and wandering and savoring. We’re for long walks, lazy afternoons and big ideas. We’re for the halcyon days of a bygone era, and the bright new days ahead.

We’re for dreaming big.


We’re for creating, and writing, gifting and gathering. We’re for quiet moments and loud ones.

We’re for joy.


We’re for creating a world of atmosphere and feeling, a place that lifts your spirit and ignites your senses. A place that delights and inspires you, where you want to linger, and then leave with sprouted wings.

We’re for you.

 We are Bounde.

bounde logo mark letter b with red wax seal