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New Year, New Desk: Level up your 2024 Desk Setup with Aesthetic Desk Ideas

Start 2024 Right With Stylish Desk Accessories to Take Your Desk Setup from Bleak to Fleek!

Take a good look at your desk, I mean a really good look. Is it organised and in good order? Is it visually appealing? More than that, is it an inspiring space where you want to work, write and create?

A cluttered and uninspiring workspace can hinder productivity and creativity. Piles of papers, old post-it notes and misplaced pens not only hamper your creativity, they create an environment that, let's face it, is downright depressing to work in. 

But before you shut the door on your messy desk and take your laptop to your local coffee shop, we've got the remedy for your home office woes. With a few simple changes and some carefully chosen desk accessories, you can transform your desk into a stylish and functional space that will boost your productivity and enhance your creativity. In this blog post, we will explore some aesthetic desk ideas and discuss tips on how you can create your own organised and visually pleasing workspace. 

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So you're asking yourself,

"How do I make a good desk setup?"

We've assembled the step by step instructions, tips and all the inspiration you'll need to style the aesthetic desk setup of your dreams. Are you ready to start the new year off with a fleek, fresh and organized desk setup?

Let's begin!


6 Tips for an Aesthetic Desk Setup

1. Declutter and Tidy up

Step 1: Start with a Blank Slate.

The first step to creating an aesthetic desk setup is to declutter and tidy your workspace. Grab two boxes and a garbage bag. Box one is for items that belong on your desk, and box two is for unnecessary items that need to be rehomed. Garbage bag is for rubbish!

Remove most items from your desk, pair it right back to the bare minimum. Sort smaller items into the two boxes, and bin any rubbish. Find homes for all the objects in box two that don't belong on your desk. 

Step 2: Make it Fresh and Clean.

Now give your desk and desk accessories a good clean and wipe down. Clean out your keyboard, and remove any dust from surrounding surfaces.

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How do I organise my desk nicely?

Step 3: Everything in it's Place.

Next, create a designated place for everything that lives on your desk. Invest in some desk organisers, such as a pen holder, desk tray or file storage, to keep your papers and stationery supplies neatly organised.

There's nothing more frustrating than rifling through papers, or rummaging through draws to find a pen, note book or scissors (I am speaking from experience here). A clutter-free desk will not only look better but also help you stay focused and reduce distractions. Having all the essential items, easily on hand will allow you to increase productivity and maintain flow state.

Once you have all the desk storage items you need, you can place all the items from box one back onto your desk, neatly organised and all in their correct place. 

wood desk with notebooks and pen storage

How can I make my desk look awesome?

2. Choose a Theme

Consider choosing a theme or aesthetic for your desk setup to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. A mood board is a great way to start the process of styling your desk, and hone in on your personal style. We love Pinterest as a visual tool for planning your ideal workspace. Whether it's a minimalist, vintage, rustic, or modern theme, select desk accessories that fit your chosen style and colour palette.

In a small space, like a desktop, each item you introduce makes an impact on the look, feel and function of the space. Choose items you love and will enjoy using day after day and year after year.  Add textural elements like a rustic leather pencil case or a unique mouse pad or desk mat to add personality to your desk space. Feature elements such as brass candle holders, or a set of elegant bookends to hold your files and notebooks, will add a touch of sophistication to your office desk.

Looking for inspiration? We've created the ultimate desk setup Pinterest Board to fuel your dream desk designs. From modern to classic and chic to cosy, we've got all the aesthetic desk ideas your need to create your ideal workspace.

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modern desk setup with lamp and storage next to large window

How can I make my desk more cozy?

3. Let there be Light

Let me guess, you spend a lot of time at your desk, right? Whether working, studying, creating or crafting, good lighting is essential to avoiding eye strain and fatigue. Light can also create mood and ambience in your office space. Ensure you have adequate natural or overhead lighting, and add directional lighting from a desk lamp or strip lighting for those areas in which you spend time on more intensive or detailed tasks like reading, writing, drawing and sewing.

To enhance the atmosphere of your space you may also like to invest in a cosy, corner floor lamp, coloured led wall mounted lights or fairy lights.

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How can I make my desk look cooler?

4. Add Some Greenery

Bring life to your desk by adding a small plant or a vase of fresh flowers. Not only will it add a pop of colour and freshness to your workspace, but plants also have been shown to improve air quality and reduce stress. Choose a low-maintenance plant, such as a succulent or a small potted plant, that will thrive in an indoor environment. Select a beautiful pot and saucer to house your plant, and keep a small watering can on hand to ensure you remember to water your new desk plant.

eclectic desk with vintage typewriter and dried flowers

How do I make my desk look aesthetic?

5. Personalise your Desk with Decorative Items

Add some personal touches to your desk setup with decorative items that reflect your personality and interests. Consider displaying a favourite quote or photo in a stylish frame. Add artwork or a pin board for ideas and inspiration. 

For those who love to send personal letters, invitations or cards, a wax seal stamp is the ideal personal touch and will add nostalgic elegance to your desk décor.

A beautiful glass paperweight, statue, or vase can transform your desk aesthetic and make it a truly chic and personal space.  A favourite scented desk candle can make your desk a more pleasant place to spend your days. These seemingly small details can make your desk feel like a more personalised and inspiring place to work and create.

How can I make my desk attractive?

6. Invest in Quality Desk Accessories

If you are in the market for new desk décor, upgrade your desk accessories to ones that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and of high quality. A mouse pad or desk mat with a unique design can add a pop of colour and protect your desk surface. A stylish pen holder or desk organiser will keep your pens and other small items within reach and well organised. A quality pen will make note taking all the more pleasurable. Curate your space and have only things which you love on display on your desk. 


Desk Setup Tips: Summary

  • Declutter and tidy: clear everything off and start with a blank slate. Tidy up and make it fresh and clean. Only have items on your desk  that belong on your desk, add storage and put everything in it's place. 
  • Choose a theme: use Pinterest to create a mood board and hone in on your desk aesthetic.
  • Let there be light: ensure you have adequate light to avoid eye strain and add directional light for more detailed tasks. 
  • Add some greenery: adding plants or flowers brings life to your desk and can help reduce stress.
  • Personalise your desk with decorative items: adding unique decorative items helps to express your personality and make your desk space a more pleasant place to work. 
  • Invest in quality desk accessories: choose items you love, that are practical and will age well with daily use. 

 Bonus Desk Setup Tip:

  • Cable management: tame the cable chaos and hide unsightly computer cables with under desk cable covers, cable clamps and cable wraps. Organising your electronic cables and minimising the visual clutter they create will enhance both the aesthetic and visual organisation of your desk setup. 

 cosy vintage desk with wax seal supplies

Desk Setup Ideas: Closing Thoughts

By following these tips and incorporating the right desk accessories, you can create an organised and aesthetic desk setup that will inspire you to be more productive and creative. Remember, a well-designed workspace can have a significant impact on your overall work experience, motivation and output. So, start the new year off right by levelling up your desk game and enjoying a more organized and visually pleasing workspace!

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