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How to Make Marbled Wax Seals - Tips and Tricks

My top tips and tricks for how to make realistic marbled wax seals

Elegant and elevated, marbled wax seals give invitations and gifts a luxury look and feel. Marbled wax seals are the ideal choice for wedding invitations or baptism invites, as they have a neutral colour and refined appearance that suits both modern and classic style invitations. 

Making marbled wax seals is easier than you may think, with a few tips and tricks and a little practise you will soon be making your own beautiful marble seals. Wax sealing is a slow and timeless art, so relax and enjoy the process. 

You can follow along with my video to see how I make my Marbled Goddess Wax Seals. I have included a few bonus tips and tricks below for my blog readers. I hope these help you when creating your own wax seals.


  • wax seal stamp
  • Sealing wax - 2 colours
  • wax melting tools
  • tealight candle
  • sealed invitation, envelopes or wax sealing mat
  • paper towel - to clean up wax spoon and any drips

How to Make Marbled Wax Seals - Tip and Tricks

Tip 1:

Select a wax seal stamp to suit the marbled style - we love the classic, Roman inspired, Goddess Wax Seal.

Tip 2: 

Choose two colours (or more) of wax that reflect the natural look of marble - I used Dove Grey & Warm White for a realistic marble look.

Tip 3: 

Wax placement matters. I like to place two of each sealing wax bead next to each other on a slight diagonal, but you can experiment. Different placement of colours = different results. Keep in mind, the colour of wax towards the back of the spoon (opposite side from the pouring tip) will usually end up on top as you pour. This colour can become more dominant if it is a dark shade. Using the diagonal positioning of the sealing wax, helps to give a more natural wax pour and some blending between colours to create mid tones.

Tip 4: 

Melt wax until it has a runny honey consistency. Don't leave it on the heat too long, it it's bubbling, its too hot! If it's not warm enough, it wont pour off the spoon properly and will cool too quickly to stamp effectively.

Tip 5:

Keep it random. Swirl the wax in random movements as you pour, back and forth, side to side, round and up and down. Not too much, just subtle random movements to create a natural effect. Avoid and repetitive hand motions as you pour the wax. Consistent circles or side to side movements do not give a realistic marble look. It may look a little bit of a mess, but remember it changes once you press the wax seal stamp in. So go with it! Experiment with your pouring style and see what works best for you. 

Tip 6: 

Press in the stamp quickly, before the sealing wax surface cools.

Tip 7: 

Remove wax stamp only once wax is cool. It should come away easily after applying a little pressure. 


You can make marbled wax seals directly onto your envelopes or gifts, or use a heat resistant wax sealing mat to pour your wax seals on and attach them to your invitations with doubled sided tape or double sided stick dots.

That was my how to make marbled wax seals - tips and tricks. I hope these 7 wax seal tips and video help you to create your own one of a kind wax seals. 

 Goddess wax seal in grey and white marble wax with white envelope, dried flowers and sealing wax granules

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