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Why Should I Use a Wax Sealing Mat?

Are you tired of creating uneven and messy wax seals? Do you want to elevate your wax seal making skills and achieve consistently round and visually stunning wax seals? Look no further than our non-stick, heat-resistant wax sealing mat. In this blog post, we will explore the numerous benefits of using a wax sealing mat and why it is a must-have tool for any wax seal enthusiast.


What Makes Our Wax Sealing Mat Special?

Our wax sealing mats are designed to withstand high temperatures, up to an impressive 200 degrees Celsius. This means you can safely melt wax on the mat without worrying about damaging it. The heat-resistant feature ensures that the mat remains in perfect condition, even with prolonged use. It is also suitable for use under your wax melting stove to protect your surfaces from heat damage.

 Green fern leaf wax seals with fern wax seal stamp and white wax seal silicone mat

Consistently Round Wax Seals

One of the biggest challenges when creating wax seals is achieving a perfectly round shape. With our wax sealing mat, this becomes a breeze. The mat provides a smooth and flat surface, allowing the wax to spread evenly and form a round seal. With a little practice on your wax pouring technique and the addition of a wax sealing mat, you'll be creating consistent, round wax seals in no time. Say goodbye to lopsided or misshapen wax seals!


Refine Your Wax Seal Making Skills

Using a wax sealing mat gives you the opportunity to practice and refine your wax seal making skills before applying the seals to important invitations or envelopes. The mat provides a controlled environment where you can experiment with different techniques and designs. Wax seals can then be attached to your paper crafts with double sided tape, glue, or a small spot of freshly melted wax.

If a wax seal has not come out as hoped, simply remove the wax seal from the silicone surface and re-melt the wax to be poured and stamped again. This allows you to perfect your craft and create flawless wax seals every time.


Improved Visual Outcome

Wax seals created on the wax sealing mat can be easily lifted off without any damage. Once the wax seal is completely cool, it easily comes away from the wax sealing mat. This means you can add a double-sided sticky dot to the back of the seal and affix it to invitations or envelopes with ease. The result is a professional and visually appealing outcome that will impress your recipients.


Enhanced Safety

Using a wax sealing mat not only improves the quality of your wax seals but also enhances safety. The mat provides a protective barrier between the hot wax and your working surface, preventing any accidental damage or burns. You can enjoy the process of creating wax seals without worrying about any mishaps. Our wax sealing mats are large enough to fit several wax seals at once, speeding up your process, while allowing them to cool safely on the mat. 

In conclusion, a wax sealing mat is an essential tool for anyone who wants to create perfect wax seals. With its heat-resistant properties, ability to create consistently round seals, and the opportunity to refine your skills, the wax sealing mat is a game-changer. Say goodbye to uneven and messy seals and elevate your wax seal making to new heights with our high-quality wax sealing mat.

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